THE CASH (vintage whiskey barbershop) manly vintage mix of Bourbon, Barbershop with mahagony n dark spices
THE REAPER (deadly oud cologne) great daily earthy oud smooth cologne
THE WILD ONE (dark tobacco vanille) 3 types of tobacco, pink peppercorn and dark spicy vanilla 
THE BRONCO BUSTER (smokey cowboy cologne) smokey masculine tobacco, dynamic cologne and smooth cedar leather
THE SASQUATCH (dark tobacco oud) sexy sweet oud mixed with hints of bayleaf & tobacco brought together with more woodsy oud
THE RAMBLER (smooth aquatic cologne) our version of a clean sweet high end aquatic woodsy cologne
THE MEGALODON (tropical water di gio) aqua di gio and cool water mixed with a clean tropical mix
THE POWER WAGON (proper old fashioned) rich sandalwood mixed with cedarwood, orange and bourbon
THE NOMAD (incense & oud) macho hit of old school incense and dark oud
THE LONER (boring unscented) no added scent
THE RAMONES (blitzkreig bop) rock n roll mix of tobacco, rasberry n woods rolled together with black rebel magic
THE HIGHBOY (country livin cologne) super sexy mix of cedarwood n smooth leather cologne
THE SABOTAGE (oh my god its a mirage) fun mix of pineapples, papaya with oak and vanilla finished off some strong cologne vibes
THE FREDDY (no time for losers) alluring tonka bean, cashmere, exotic woods high end cologne
THE ROADSTER (barbershop oud) classic barbershop mixed with smokey oud and a touch clean woodsy tones.